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About Forteno

FORTENO helps businesses with the introduction, integration and operation of SAP solutions and enables them to better concentrate on their core competence.
Having FORTENO successfully convert business processes into technically sound concepts creates competitive advantages for the customer: the company's IT becomes more efficient, the infrastructure more productive and investments in an SAP environment as well as in other software are protected for the long-term.

In addition to non industry-specific technological advice, FORTENO offers its special application know-how especially to banks, chemical and pharmaceutical companies as well as producers of consumer goods (food) - for example when it comes to validating a solution according to industry-specific standards or implementing statutory provisions.

By focusing on SAP solutions, FORTENO boosts the IT contribution to added value in the company and increases its flexibility, allowing FORTENO customers to quickly react to changes and innovations in the market.

As an official SAP Service Partner FORTENO can serve the customers even better.